Not guilty verdict in Rape prosecution

Not guilty verdict in Rape prosecution


Quentin Hunt represented Mr XX in respect of an allegation of rape contrary to s1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. He acted on a direct public access basis. Mr XX had approached Quentin at the pre-charge stage and Quentin was able to advise and act in respect of all pre-charge matters including engagement with the Police and CPS and strategy and attendance at interview.


Quentin is great believer in effective pre-charge representation. He believes that the actions that are undertaken at this stage, and the tactics that are employed, ‘build the foundations’ for the successful defence of a case at trial.


Mr XX was charged with the offence of Rape and summonsed to the Portsmouth Magistrates Court where he indicated not guilty pleas and was sent to the Crown Court for trial. For statutory reasons none of the details of this unusual case will be published in this post but the case concluded with a not guilty verdict at Portsmouth Crown Court.  Mr XX was obviously delighted with the result.


Quentin Hunt is a London based criminal defence barrister of over 24 years’ experience who specialises in sexual offence work and travels throughout the country to represent clients. He realises exactly what is at stake for his clients in these sorts of cases, and prides himself on tenacious and uncompromising representation of his clients to ensure that their case is put forward in the most effective way.


If you face an allegation of a sexual offence you may contact Quentin for a no obligation conversation about how he could assist in your case.