Police and Trading Standards take no further action in Investment fraud investigation

Police and Trading Standards take no further action in Investment fraud investigation


Police and Trading Standards launched a joint investigation into the activities of PL Limited and its two Directors- a husband and wife Independent Financial Advisor team. The allegations made centred around unregulated investments offered by the firm to clients, some of which had failed to deliver returns. The Police and Trading Standards wished to interview the Directors as representatives of the company and also in their personal capacity for offences under the Fraud Act 2006. The case was serious and complicated, relating to millions of pounds worth of investments in a number of different products and schemes. 


Upon being contacted the Directors made contact with Quentin Hunt to seek his assistance on a Direct Public Access basis. Quentin met the clients in conference and took instructions from them. He also spoke to the Officers who were conducting the investigation and ought to discover the specifics of what they were accused of and the information that they sought. 


Quentin argued to the authorities that a formal interview at this stage was both unnecessary and inappropriate due to the huge amount of documentation that related to each product and the large amount of documentation relating to each client. He argued that his clients could not take such a volume of paperwork into the police station and that without it they would be highly prejudiced in trying to answer questions. Instead of a formal interview, Quentin arranged that his clients would be asked a number of questions by correspondence and would make written representations with a view to being interviewed on those representations when they had been received and considered by the authorities. 


Upon receiving the questions, Quentin sat down with his clients in conference and put together comprehensive responses to each question raised and supported by a bundle of appendix documents which amounted to over 600 pages of evidence. To support this Quentin put together a detailed letter to the Police outlining why the allegations against this clients were without foundation. 


The authorities took a long time to consider what was provided but eventually contacted Quentin to let him know that they  no longer wished to interview the clients under caution and would not be taking any further action in the matter. Quentin informed his clients of this result who were delighted and able to continue their business without hinderance. 


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