Police take no further action against Quentin’s client in ex-wife Rape allegations.

Police take no further action against Quentin’s client in ex-wife Rape allegations.


Mr GR contacted Quentin following a telephone call from Police stating that they wished to interview him in respect of allegations made by his ex-wife that he had Raped her, a serious sexual offence contrary to s1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.  Quentin was instructed on a direct access basis to represent RG’s interests.


Quentin started the case by taking instructions from RG in respect of his account of what happened. He was then able to contact the Police officer dealing with the case and ascertain the direction of the police investigation and find out what evidence may be needed to be supplied to the police to put his client in an advantageous position.


Over a period of many months Quentin liaised back and forth with his client and with the Police, all the time trying to put his client in the best position possible. This included dealing with matters relating to the evidence as well as diverse issues such as bail, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS), the client’s firearms licence and matters relating to the family business.


In the end, following significant efforts on Quentin's part, he received notification from the Police that the prosecution was taking no action against Mr RG. The investigation was discontinued, and the client was released from bail. In addition, the police allowed Quentin’s client to recover his electronic devices and, despite the nature of the allegation made, Mr RG was allowed to recover his firearms and shotguns.


Quentin’s client was delighted with the result of the case.


Quentin Hunt is a very experienced Criminal Defence Barrister who specialises in looking after clients at a pre-charge stage. Quentin believes that ‘the best way to win a case is to win it early’, and always strives to ensure that his clients are not charged with criminal offences. Quentin has particular expertise in dealing with cases of serious sexual misconduct and ensures that he provides a confidential and effective service in such cases.


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