Police take No Further Action in Rape case following Quentin’s intervention.

Police take No Further Action in Rape case following Quentin’s intervention.


Quentin was approached by Mr AM who was under investigation for an alleged offence of rape contrary to s1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. The offence was was said to have taken place at AM’s workplace during work hours.


AM had previously been represented by a duty solicitor and following arrest had been interviewed under caution by the police. He had also been suspended from his work, for a multinational company, and was engaging with Accenture who were dealing with the HR side of matters.


Upon instruction Quentin had a detailed discussion with his client about the tactics employed in his case to date. Despite AM having a good defence he had answered ‘no comment’ to questions in interview and had not engaged with the police in respect of valuable media and phone evidence that would point towards his innocence. This evidence had not been provided to the police so that AM could ‘keep his powder dry’. Quentin was of the view that the opposite approach would be appropriate. He was of the view that the case was so weak that if the Police were provided with all information then it was likely that no action would be taken against his client.


With this in mind, Quentin was eager to make sure that all relevant evidence was in the possession of the Police. He was also keen to ensure that the Police had all important evidence from AM’s workplace including valuable CCTV evidence. Quentin engaged in dialogue with both the Police and Accenture and also made sure that AM’s engagement with Accenture’s workplace HR investigation did not damage his interests.


The Police appeared to review their position and within 3 weeks of Quentin’s instruction they confirmed that they were taking No Further Action in AM’s case. Quentin also liaised with AM’s employer and the HR investigation was abandoned and AM was able to return to his employment forthwith. He was naturally very pleased with the result in the case.


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