Quentin achieves acquittal for defence industry professional accused of harassment

Quentin achieves acquittal for defence industry professional accused of harassment


Mr EY was accused of harassment of his ex-wife contrary to s1 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. The harassment was said to have taken the form of arriving at her address at night and taking photos of the cars in her driveway, unacceptable messages, waiting for her at places to speak to her and unacceptable conduct when dropping children off at arranged childcare exchanges.


EY is a professional engaged in private sector work for the Ministry of Defence and could not afford to have a conviction against his name. If convicted he had been told that he would lose his security clearance and would likely never be able to work in his chosen field again.


As his livelihood was at stake EY chose to instruct Quentin Hunt, a criminal Barrister of considerable experience in such matters to look after his interests on a Direct Public Access basis.


The facts of the case were wide ranging and spanned a considerable period of time. Upon instruction Quentin met EY on a number of occasions to gain instructions about the various instances that were said to amount to the harassment and to discuss the various defences that were to be put forward. Quentin then worked with EY to put together an impressive dossier of evidence to rebut the various allegations put forward by EY’s ex-wife. This included materials that suggested that the allegations may have been put forward maliciously to try to reduce EY’s access to his children and therefore enable his ex-wife to claim more from the family Courts in maintenance.


EY was also putting forward a defence of the detection/prevention of crime in respect of his photography of the cars outside his ex-wife’s house, this required a detailed audit trail of documentation to show how the defence was made out.


At trial, Quentin was able to cross examine EY’s ex-wife as well as produce and present the defence evidence in the case. EY also gave evidence about his case and why he lacked the requisite intent to harass his ex-wife. As a result of the favourable way that the evidence had come out Quentin was able to make a powerful set of closing submissions.


The Court agreed with Quentin’s submissions and EY was acquitted. A Not Guilty verdict was entered and a costs order was made in EY’s favour. The Court had the power to make a non-conviction restraining order and often does in cases of this sought but did not do so. Quentin’s client was naturally delighted.


If you face allegations of harassment or any criminal law allegations emanating form the breakdown of a relationship you may wish to instruct a robust, experienced and detail driven lawyer to fight your corner. Quentin Hunt is a criminal Barrister of over 23 years’ experience who specialises in stalking and harassment cases. If you find yourself accused of such a crime you may contact Quentin for a free no obligation conversation about your case.