Quentin ensures that No Further Action taken against executive in allegations of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour and Sexual Assault

Quentin ensures that No Further Action taken against executive in allegations of Controlling and Coercive Behaviour and Sexual Assault


Mr AH was accused of offences of controlling and coercive behaviour (contrary to section 76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015)  and sexual assault (contrary to section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003) relating to alleged actions towards his ex-wife when they were married. AH’s ex-wife had taken these allegations to the police and AH had been required to attend a Police and Criminal Evidence Act interview under caution at his local police station.


AH is an executive at one of the world’s largest social media companies. He could not afford to have his reputation tarnished in any way and retained specialist Criminal Barrister Quentin Hunt to represent his interests and ensure that the allegations were discontinued as quickly as possible. Quentin was instructed on a Direct Public Access basis.


Upon instruction Quentin contacted the Police in order to gain information about the allegations and pre-interview disclosure setting out what the Police wished to speak to his client about. Quentin was then able to speak to his client in conference about the allegations. The matters referred to were very large in scale and spanned numerous allegations that had been made to the Family Courts during the course of the couple’s divorce proceedings. Quentin was able to collect documentation and other information from AH and put forward a powerful narrative, backed by evidence, to refute the various claims. Quentin then worked with AH to draft a detailed statement to Police dealing with the various allegations and outlining why they were erroneous.


Quentin then arranged AH’s representation at a Police Station where he was interviewed by officers. Following the interview Quentin was able to make a series of representations to the Officer in the Case that not only should the matter be discontinued but that a decision on the case should be made immediately.


Quentin was successful in these representations. The very same day the Police confirmed in writing that they would be taking No Further Action against Quentin’s client and their case would be closed. Quentin’s client was naturally very pleased that his stressful ordeal had been concluded quickly and effectively.


If you find yourself accused of any crime it is never too early to secure formidable and effective representation. Quentin Hunt is a specialist criminal defence barrister who is adept at working with his client to attempt to ensure that no action is taken against his clients at the earliest stages in proceedings.  If you find yourself under investigation or being prosecuted for a criminal offence then you can contact Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation about your case.