Quentin secures no further action for Solider in Irish Guards drugs investigation

Quentin secures no further action for Solider in Irish Guards drugs investigation


Quentin represented TG, a soldier in the Irish Guards regiment who was arrested by Military Police on suspicion of drugs and money laundering offences.


TG is a soldier of good character who was alleged by authorities to be involved in the high-profile scandal involving members of the Irish Guard and Coldstream Guard regiments. The case received significant publicity.   


Quentin looked after TG on a direct access basis and represented his interests throughout the investigation, making sure that he was represented properly at his interview under caution and liaising with the Army and Military Police in respect of evidential and procedural matters.


Despite the investigation going on for a long period of time, Quentin maintained pressure on the prosecution to discontinue proceedings, frequently citing the weak case that they had against TG and the evidential problems that they faced.


Following a long period of back and forth with the authorities, Quentin received news that the Military Police were not taking any action against Quentin’s client; he was the only person under investigation who did not face criminal charges.


Quentin’s client was delighted with the result and was able to resume his career with no stain on his character.


Quentin Hunt is a criminal Barrister who specialises in representing individuals at an early stage in their criminal proceedings. Quentin believes that the best way to avoid conviction is not to have a trial at all and has an excellent record for ensuring that clients are not charged with criminal offences. If you find yourself under investigation by the authorities and require assistance you may contact Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation about your case.