Success in Shotgun Licence Appeal at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court

Success in Shotgun Licence Appeal at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court


Quentin was instructed to represent Mr PP in a shotgun licence appeal that was recently heard at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.


PP was a shotgun licence holder; he was an avid game shooter and was a popular member of several local shoots. He also bred gundogs and described having his shotgun licence as ‘my life’. Sadly, due to a few incidents in involving the Police, including allegations of assault and domestic violence, the Chief Constable revoked PP’s shotgun licence under s30(C)(1) of the Firearms Act 1968.


PP was incensed that his licence had been revoked and maintained that the allegations against him were false and that the Police had misconstrued incidents in which he was the innocent party. He instructed specialist Shotgun licence appeal Barrister Quentin Hunt on a direct public access basis to assist him in his case.


Upon instruction, Quentin saw PP in conference and spent some time finding out the underlying facts to the allegations in question. He advised PP upon the evidence in the case and the relevant procedure and proceeded to submit an appeal to the Crown Court, under s44 of the Firearms Act 1968.


Quentin undertook all relevant preparation for the appeal on behalf of PP. This included taking statements from PP and relevant witnesses, preparing a bundle of evidence for the Court and drafting hearsay notices and a detailed skeleton argument. Quentin was keen to stress that despite allegations being made against PP none of these amounted to a danger that the gun may be misused in such a way that good order is disturbed or that there is a risk of that happening. This is the relevant test in the leading authority of Ackers v Taylor.


The matter came before the Crown Court for trial, whereupon the Court allowed PP’s appeal and dismissed the Shotgun licence revocation. PP was utterly delighted and had his shotguns back just in time for the new season!


Quentin Hunt is a criminal Barrister who specialises in Shotgun Licence Appeals. If you find yourself facing a shotgun licence revocation or have had an application for a shotgun licence refused you can contact Quentin for a free, no obligation conversation about a potential appeal.