Successful defence of professional footballer.

Successful defence of professional footballer.


Criminal defence Barrister Quentin Hunt was instructed to represent Mr PF, a professional footballer based on the South coast of England. Somewhat surprisingly, PF was accused of shoplifting protein drinks from a Tesco store, contrary to s1 of the Theft Act 1968, and assault of a security guard at the exit to the store contrary to s39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. PF maintained that he had done nothing wrong, he was a man of good character, having no previous convictions and was extremely worried that his professional reputation and career prospects could be badly damaged by the allegations. The matter had reached the Court stage and PF was apprehensive about his upcoming Court proceedings.


PF sought assistance in this matter from Criminal defence barrister Quentin Hunt who was instructed on a direct access basis.


It is unusual that such cases such as these are prosecuted. Often matters relating to low level thefts are dealt with by way of warnings or other non-prosecution options. In addition, it appeared to Quentin that the evidence in the case was questionable, especially in respect of the alleged assault that had been caught on CCTV. Quentin suspected that part of the reason the case was being brought was due to the profile of the accused and his position as a professional footballer. In the build up to the Court hearing Quentin was able to contact the Court and Crown Prosecution Service in respect of the matter and it was hoped that the CPS would see sense and not continue with the case.


Quentin and his client prepared for a Crown Court hearing where pleas would be entered and, if relevant, directions were to be given for trial. Immediately prior to the hearing the CPS contacted both the defence and the Court with a notice of discontinuance. The CPS had reviewed the case and had decided that there was insufficient evidence upon which to gain a conviction. As a result, they dropped the case against PF, which marked a successful end of the case for Quentin’s client.


If you find yourself accused of a criminal offence, you may wish to avail yourself of the best representation possible. Quentin Hunt is a specialist criminal defence barrister who accepts instructions through solicitors as well as directly from members of the public. He has a distinguished catalogue of ex-clients that includes Premier League footballers, world champion sportsmen, Grammy Award winning pop stars, Members of Parliament, and business leaders. If you require assistance with a criminal case, no matter how large or small, you may contact Quentin for a no obligation conversation about your case.