Direct Public Access Barrister

Personal, cost-effective legal care through direct public access

In the past, it has only been possible to instruct a barrister through the services of a solicitor. But, after legislation changes in 2004, any member of the public can now instruct a barrister directly without having to deal with any middle men. This is known as Direct Access or Public Access.

Quentin is known as a pioneer of Direct Access work and is recognised as a leading Direct Access Criminal Barrister. He has previously been awarded the title of ‘Direct Access Barrister of the Year’ at the SME Legal Awards and holds the prestigious office of Chairman of the Direct Access Barristers’ Association.

As a result you can now contact Quentin Hunt directly and ask him to assess and pursue your prosecution or defence case.

Get in touch with Quentin now for a free initial telephone discussion and thorough assessment of your case and your options.

Accolades & Achievements

Advantages of choosing the Direct Access route

  • Solicitors often duplicate the work of a barrister unnecessarily, incurring unwanted costs. By instructing your Quentin directly you could cut your fees by as much as 50%.
  • You will enjoy clear, one-to-one communication directly from Quentin instead of through a third party solicitor – keeping you in complete control.
  • Quentin will work closely with you throughout the case, examining not just the evidence and legal precedents, but also the strategy and tactics most likely to achieve a positive result. This comprehensive support is essential in maximising the chances of success.  
  • Quentin will conduct all correspondence, negotiations and documentation directly. You have the reassurance of knowing that every aspect of your case is in the best possible hands, without any risk of miscommunication, error or delay by third parties.
  • When you need to make important decisions, Quentin will deploy his longstanding bar experience to walk you through the implications. Such personal support is invaluable in choosing the right path and understanding the potential consequences of your choices.
  • Quentin is one of only a small number of direct access barristers who are litigation qualified this means that he is capable of conducting litigation on your behalf in much the same way as a solicitor. This means that unlike other direct access barristers he is able to:


    • Send letters enclosing documentation on your behalf on Chambers headed paper
    • Issue proceedings or applications on your behalf
    • Acknowledge service of proceedings
    • Receiving service of documentation at his Chambers
    • Formally serve documents on the prosecution and the Court
    • Issue notices of appeal
    • Conduct other aspects of litigation that barristers without the litigation qualification cannot do


If you are facing criminal charges from speeding tickets to multi million pound VAT frauds, from drugs cases to murder charges – then contact Quentin to discuss the details of your case. He will fully assess your circumstances and offer transparent advice to identify the right course of action for you, or find out more about Quentin's legal success.